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When to Use a Web Based Proxy Service

There are plenty of reasons to use a web based proxy service, like ninjacloak. Most of the times these sites will be used by people at work or at school, because of how those computers networks are usually setup. They can be used at home as well, and can come in handy to protect hackers from stealing your identity, or from keeping your downloads and web surfing habits away from your internet service provider.

If you like to download things like torrents or mp3’s, web based proxy services can help. While they won’t protect you in times of cyber crimes, doing things like downloading movies are easily noticed by your ISP. While they typically won’t report you to any policing agency, they will send you a notice stating they have seen suspicious activity from your IP, and that if it doesn’t stop they will suspend your service. If you live in a place where that company is the only one to provide internet access, this could be really bad news.

When you do these things through a proxy service, your ISP won’t be able to trace these kinds of activities back to you. Going through a proxy service, like ninja cloak, will report the IP of the proxy service back to your ISP, and keep the IP of the site you are actually visiting anonymous. All they will see is a bunch of activity from the proxy site, not from a torrent site.

It’s also not a bad idea to use a proxy service to protect your identity from hackers. When they go to get your information, all they will get is the proxy services information, which won’t do them any good. Some of these proxy sites will have better security than others, so always do your research to find the sites that are real secure. Read more